About  Us

Over 10 Years of experience

We pride ourselves in operating in the most environmentally-friendly ways possible by offering various flameless heating solutions such as Glycol and Hydronic ground heaters.

We can provide you with ground thawing equipment rentals and a full-service crew to help with installation if needed.

We can meet any requirement, no matter what kind of weather Northern Alberta throws at you.

We are experts in the field of ground thawing and heating solutions. Whether you are looking to thaw frozen ground for excavation, cure concrete, or to keep your crews warm, we can ensure the most efficient boilers and heat exchangers no matter the weather.



It’s all about the moisture, and the ground type.

The amount of time for the ground to thaw will depend on the amount of moisture in ground along with the ground type. Working in rock or gravel will yield the quickest results, however working in soil or clay will generally take longer as they both hold and bind onto moisture. For more information about thawing times and ground thawing equipment specific for your job-site please contact us.